Property Owners Insurance

Landlords Insurance


Landlords insurance is an insurance policy that covers a property owner from financial losses connected with rental properties.The policy covers the building, with the option of insuring any contents that belong to the landlord that are inside.

Standard simple home contents and buildings insurance policies do not generally cover your property if you are sub letting it or simply renting out a freehold home. In fact they may specifically say this type of cover is excluded so you will need to get a specific or specialist policy just for these circumstances.

What We Can Offer


Landlord Contents Insurance - Even if you don't rent out your property as fully or partly furnished, you may have items there such as carpets and floor coverings, which are not covered if you only cover the buildings. If you do provide furniture and electrical items you may want to cover these and can incude your carpets and floor coverings as part of this cover.


Malicious Damage By Tenant - In a nutshell, malicious damage by tenant is an act resulting from an individual who is lawfully on the premises who has deliberately or intentionally caused damage to your property and/or possessions. 


Landlord Buildings Insurance - This covers the building against any damage by perils such as fire, flood etc. and is essential cover for freehold properties. It may also be a condition of any motgage that you take this cover.


Landlord Liability Insurance - This covers you in the event of damage or injury claims from persons occupying or visiting the property. Such claims are on the rise. Cover includes legal fees as well as awards of damages.


These are the main types of insurance that every landlord should consider and there are also additional policies to consider for other elements as follows.


Rental Guarantee Insurance - Most tenants pay rent on time, but for those that don't, you can now include cover that will protect you if tenants default and also help you evict them, ensuring that you maintain income if tenants don't pay.


Legal Expenses - If you do need to take tenants to court to settle disputes, the costs can be high. Cover can be added to mitigate these expenses and may also enable you to recover the lost income during any legal dispute. Whether your rented property is tenanted or unoccupied at the moment we can get you a quote.


Landlord Home Emergrncy Insurance - Unexpected home emergencies such as a burst pipe or a boiler breakdown rarely happen at convenient times. Landlord Home Emergency Insurance provides cover for these type of emergencies and more.