Personal Accident

We are living in a very risky world nowadays, and unfortunately, no one can guarantee our safety or that of our family. However, we can help ourselves a little and give our family peace of mind with the help of personal accident insurance. Of course accidents will happen and personal accident insurance will not prevent it, but still it will help in coping with all the expenses concerning rehabilitation afterwards.

Protect Yourself And Your Family


There are over 84,000 accidents a year from DIY or gardening, over 30,000 people seriously injured as a result of traffic accidents and over 40,000 injuries to children every year in playgrounds.

We offer a range of cover and can offer this for individuals, couples, and families. Cover can start from as little as £49.75 for an individual.

Family protection can be covered from as little as 21 pence a day. That is cover for an individual, partner and all children from 1 month to 18 years (or 23 if in full time education).


Major Benefits


Benefits of the cover are in patient benefit every day you are in hospital for each 24 hour period after the first three days. Cover is also provided for loss of sight in one or both eyes, loss of limb, permanent total disability, death and much more. For a summary of cover please Click Here



Get Covered Today


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